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Crane Rail Installation Services

Crane Rail Installation Services

Crane Rail Installation Services Product Introduction SINCHOLD specialized highly trained and qualified operatives ensure the safe and efficient installation of crane tracks. All installations vary in size and design, and we ensure that the correct products are always used. We have a committed...

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Crane Rail Installation Services

Product Introduction 

SINCHOLD specialized highly trained and qualified operatives ensure the safe and efficient installation of crane tracks. All installations vary in size and design, and we ensure that the correct products are always used. We have a committed workforce who maintain the excellent reputation that we have held in the industry for many years.

Ports Rail Installation

Rail installation technical requirements:

Installed orbit of the construction process is as follows: steel plate to measure and adjust the elevation of the steel plate welding clamp base - filling cement to laying plastic plate, according to the technical requirement to install the rail - rail welding interface - fixed torque to tighten the clamp. Control points of each process is as follows:

1.Rail stacking should avoid bending deformation, slight bending deformation should be corrected, so that the flatness of the specification requirements.

2.Civil construction of track beam, should adopt the pre buried bolt positioning plate bolt positioning in the construction of the positioning plate breath is fixed.

3.Steel plate shall be required to be processed, smoothness should be consistent with (1mm /1000 mm) steel plate bolt holes shall be raised calibration and adjustment of bolt supporting wire.

4.Installation of steel plate, should be loose concrete track groove surface, such as mud chisel, and clear dirt, remove stagnant water; track groove after cleaning should be timely installation of steel plate, to shorten the time interval.

5.Steel plate joint reserved 10 ㎜ seam, using ChuPing adjustment bolt. After welding, the clamp base for precise adjustment again.

6.The interval steel plate end and the adjusting bolt hole spacing should be added to adjust the screw, ensure the steel plate pit and use it up.

7.Clay mixing should be maintained in the ambient temperature of the clay and then 5 degrees C -35 DEG C. A stirring should not exceed 28min, the amount of water can not be used to adjust the temperature.

8.Daub again before perfusion, remove all kinds of garbage and water between the steel plate and track groove, and review the flatness of the steel plate; pouring should only from one side to the other side, end to end, came out from the plate under the bubble; perfusion process, can not be banging on a steel plate.

9.After grouting 48h, should adjust the tightness of the bolts, and tighten the embedded bolt. After adjusting the loose bolt hole should be filled with clay.

10.The interface between the adhesive plate and the adhesive pad should not be on the rail interface, nor shall it be located at the interface between the steel plate and the steel plate.

11.When the rail is fixed, the clamping plate is clamped in the 3M range of the rail weld, so that the rail can be lifted when the welding is pressed, and the base of the pressing plate should be parallel to the rail axis.
12.The welded rail shall comply with the following requirements:

(1)To before the rail end should be smooth (from the bottom to the top of the rail rail roughness less than 2 mm), there is no oil, rust, paint, dust and other impurities.

(2)In order to prevent the deformation after welding, 3-4 mm counterparts in the rail arch top should be.

(3)The counterpart, to ensure that the weld gap in the range of 26-30 mm.

13.Rail welding must be preheated, preheating process parameters: oxygen 0.04MPa; liquefied petroleum gas: 0.04-0.07MPa; rail preheating time control in 4-8min.

14.Thermit welding (casting after) 5-6min can remove the overlap.

15.Rail welding is completed, remove the top rail welding should be carried out after the top rail, rail grinding. The joint surface after grinding should not be visible welding defects.

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