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What Are The Technical Standards Of Railway Fastener?

SINCHOLD Port Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Completed the running experience also marks the Chinese railway to a new stage of development, through the release of these standards, China's railway construction land can be more standardized, also can promote the new target of railway track technology development in our country, some problems related to the rail will be resolved, so a lot of people support.

In the case of high-speed fasteners, the management and correctness should be completed in time, and the standards should be adjusted strictly. The government will always be strictly controlled. High-speed fasteners series 18 railway industry technical standards, among which the creation of China high-speed railway is a more important place, which is gradually developed by China's railway technology design. These industrial technical standard is very important, the planning of the screw and through which the ability to set new standards with more detailed provisions, since February 1, 206, has been in place for state construction.

High-speed rail fasteners and ballastless track are an important part of railway, especially these important components will directly affect the operation quality of railway and the safety of train operation. Therefore, the state attaches great importance to it.

People can see through the "high speed button" series of 18 railway industry technical standards, can more accurately locate the railway vehicle standards, and can transport in the process of product design and manufacturing and inspection technology provides the basis of accurate, will also improve and ensure that played an important role in the development of railway construction, promote the change of the rail, let more people see the views of screw, high-speed and high-speed railways is important part of the orbit, its development space will be bigger, the government's comprehensive adjustment and railroads will play a positive role in relevant quality standards. In the case of high-speed fasteners, the management and the correct standards should be completed in a timely manner and the standards should be adjusted strictly. The government will always be strictly controlled.