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The Welding Process Of Aluminum Thermal Welding Of Tram Groove Rail

SINCHOLD Port Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2017

A new breakthrough in the welding construction of urban rail transit is realized. 

After welding, the track is smooth and seamless without any trace of welding. Today, we are going to see the welding process of the grooved rail aluminum welding.

grooved rail aluminum welding.jpg

Multi-angle groove rail

Groove rail is the special rail of urban track, which is the most difficult to roll in rail.Compared with the normal rail, the grooved rail has an asymmetric slot, which is complex in shape and difficult to roll, and has the reputation of "king of the rail".

Welding process of groove - type rail aluminum welding

Cleaning before welding (2).jpg

Cleaning before welding



Sealing .jpg


preheat .jpg


thermite welding.jpg

Thermite Welding

Push the tumor.jpg

Push the tumor

finish grinding.jpg

Finish grinding

The finished joint.jpg

The finished joint