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Safety Procedures For Cranes

SINCHOLD Port Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

1.1 crane drivers specialized training, qualified by the relevant departments, issued to the certificate, the standard quasi-operation, is strictly prohibited unlicensed personnel operation lifting equipment.

1.2 Before lifting the crane, the crane driver must check whether the equipment is normal, whether the cable is in compliance with the safety regulations, whether the hydraulic device and the safety device are complete, reliable and sensitive, and the working parts of the crane are strictly prohibited.

1.3 crane drivers must be closely with the command staff, subject to the command of the command of the command. Must be honed before operation. If the command signal is unclear or wrong, the driver has the right to refuse to perform; work, the driver of any person issued an emergency stop signal, must immediately obey, to be eliminated after the insecurity, to continue to work.

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