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How Is The Steel Rail Welded

SINCHOLD Port Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

steel rail (1).jpg

Auxiliary derusting

steel rail (2).jpg

Before welding, fine tune the interface of the two rails.

steel rail (3).jpg

Welding machine 

steel rail (4).jpg

The steel rails have just been welded.

steel rail (5).jpg

Heat treatment to increase the hardness of the rail joint.

steel rail (6).jpg

Accurate grinding

steel rail (7).jpg

The staff uses the electronic ruler to detect the flatness of the steel rail welding.


Steel rail "B super" - inspection detection.

steel rail (8).jpg

The length of this steel rail is 500 meters long and welded from 5 100 meters of steel rail. The welding joint has to be derusted, hot, fine grinding and testing, etc., which is to make the steel rail joint tenacious. The 100-metre rail is so hard that it can be as tough as noodles after 500 metres.