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Have You Seen All Kinds Of Urban Rail Transit?

SINCHOLD Port Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017


Subway system become the underground railroad, also means that in underground tunnel construction of the railway, with the development of the subway system, line construction of metro system is no longer confined to the underground, but also according to the need of terrain, such as line will be built on the ground or elevated way to build, but in the city or in the underground construction first.Subway system is a large volume of rail transit system, in the rush hour every hour one-way traffic between 3-70000 person-time, subway line USES the way of totally enclosed, can achieve automatic control signal, suitable for passenger larger city center section.


Light rail and metro systems distinguish more difficult for people outside the industry, because they are almost the same appearance, it both the fundamental difference is that a light rail system built with light rail than using the subway rail, the overall technology standard is lower than the subway, light rail capacity so far less than on the subway, light rail per hour during rush hour traffic in one direction only between 1-30000, the early light rail is usually directly converted from the old trolley system, mainly in the city on the ground or elevated light rail transit operation, in the central area of a city can also be built in the ground, it is mainly used in urban and suburb in connection.


Monorail system is a kind of urban rail transit system in which a train runs on a single rail beam. The monorail system is usually used in a high way, and the train mostly adopts rubber tires.The structure of the monorail system is divided into two kinds, one is the cross-seat monorail system, which is the chongqing rail transit line 3. The train runs above the rail beam.The other is the "empty iron", which is similar to the previous one, which is suspended under a rail beam.Light rail, monorail system capacity and per hour during rush hour traffic in one direction between 1-30000, because it covers an area of less, the construction characteristics of strong adaptability, especially suitable for mountain city like chongqing.


Tram is the use of electric traction, light rail operation a rail transit system in urban road, it is mixed with other ground transportation, according to street conditions can also be built for mixed lanes, semi-closed lanes and closed lanes.Tram is a low volume of traffic system, in the rush hour every hour of the one-way traffic below 10000, because it is mixed with other vehicles on the ground together, so its running speed is very slow.


The magnetic levitation system was developed because of people's pursuit of speed. In 1922, the germans proposed the principle of electromagnetic levitation and applied for the patent of maglev train in 1934.Maglev trains is actually rely on electromagnetic suction or electromagnetic repulsion will train is suspended in the air, the maximum speed of high-speed maglev system can reach more than 500 km/h, is currently the fastest ground transportation, the highest speed and low speed maglev system in subway is 100 km/h.Magnetic levitation system has a fast speed, strong climbing ability and low energy consumption, many a little bit in the magnetic suspension is a kind of transportation system, during peak hours per hour of one-way traffic between 1.5 30000.In Shanghai, there is a 3117-km magnetic levitation train, which has time to feel the magnetic levitation.


Automatic guide rail traffic system is a kind of conveying system, train driving along a special guide, can use computer to control the vehicle and the station, it is said that it can realize full automation and unmanned, automatic guide rail system is applicable to city airport line and the urban traffic is relatively concentrated point-to-point transport lines, may, when necessary, take the middle way less stop operation.


The urban rapid rail transit system is a kind of rail transportation system with a large capacity, which can reach 20-500,000 person-time/d.It is suitable for long distance transportation in urban area between major economic zones, due to the long line, stand the distance between the larger, usually USES the express train more than 120 km/h, the beijing-tianjin inter-city rail transit is China's first top speed of 350 km/h of passenger dedicated line, it belongs to the urban rail system.Rapid rail vehicles in the first column xiamen city in our country was born in 2014 in China north car prosperity co., LTD, this kind of regional rapid rail car running speeds of up to 160 kilometers, the highest between metro vehicles and inter-city trains, it can be achieved with the line common rail operations or "zero distance" transfer, "universal" players.