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Welded Type Rail Clips

SINCHOLD Port Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 12, 2017

Welded type rail clips also called welding type fixed parts,made of the cover plate, base plate, adjusting plate, bolts, nuts, flat washers, spring washers seven parts. Pieces of the base and crane beam welding, welding rod type selection should be in line with attachment material.If use Q235 and Q345 steel respectively using E4315, E5015 type electrode.

Materials and making standard

1.On the cover plate, base plate, adjusting plate ZG270-500. The materials in accordance with the provisions of the 5676-85. Using the lost wax casting. Slopes, II accord with JZ67-2 class II precision dimension deviation.

2.Bolt, nut for Q235BF steel mechanical parts, mechanical properties and chemical composition GB700-88 of the act, the bolt surface precision of 12.5, nut in accordance with the provisions of GB 6170-6170.

3.Requirements of making the flat washer for Q235AF steel, accord with GB97.1-85.

4.Spring washer is 65 mn steel, or 60 si2mn material in accordance with the provisions of the 1222-84, make requirement accord with GB93-87.

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